4 things you should know about tummy tuck surgery

Tummy tuck surgery basically removes the excess fat and skin from your stomach region. It is a sought after surgery for those who are finding it hard to get a toned tummy even after exercise. It is common for new mothers, as well because they find it difficult to get back into shape after pregnancy. If you are thinking about tummy tuck surgery, then you should know the following things about the procedure.

You won’t lose weight after a tummy tuck procedure

Doctors advise that tummy tuck should be done when the patient is at the proper weight. Tummy tuck won’t help you lose weight. So, if you are thinking of this procedure as a weight loss process, then you are wrong.

It takes time to recover

A tummy tuck is not a very simple surgery. It takes about two weeks or more to recover. Within this time you should take rest and do fewer activities. You should have someone at home to help you with things. You should definitely take leave from work for some time. During this time you should eat nutritious food so that your surgical would heal faster.

There will be scar

The doctor needs to make a horizontal incision in the hip region to make the muscles tight or remove the loose skin. So, there will be a scar; but it will fade away over time. However, you can easily hide the scar under your panties.

Your insurance may not cover it

A tummy tuck is an expensive procedure and your insurance may not cover it fully. So, you should save up money if you are thinking of doing a tummy tuck surgery.

You should look out for an experienced surgeon so that you don’t have any complications afterward. You should tell the surgeon about your medical history and know about the risks associated, recovery time needed, etc. before doing the surgery.